We in the IT industry in general, and me in particular, very much like to complain. A lot. The recent iPhone release, and the expected price increase, helped me quite a bit to deflate my head and return a bit closer to Earth. I am in a remarkably privileged situation. I am very lucky, very … Continue reading Lucky

Ansible Tower now Open-Source

RedHat kept their promise and made Ansible Tower Open-Source. The free version is called AWX, and is available on GitHub. According to their announcement, the model for AWX is similar to the one for Fedora and RedHat — which works great for so many years now. AWX will be developed by RedHat’s Ansible team and the Community. Every … Continue reading Ansible Tower now Open-Source

Symantec and Comodo revoke certs without proper private key

Just the latest example why the SSL certificate industry is widely regarded as shady and has such a bad reputation. Not the first time either that Symantec or Comodo are in the news because of their sloppy security practises. There are rumours that Symantec and other companies want to sell their SSL businesses as quickly as possible.

Good riddance!

Let’s hope that the awesome work of Let’s Encrypt will accelerate the extinction of these shady and insecure Certificate Authorities. I predict that the launch of wildcard certificates will be the last nail to the coffin of the CA business model. And with it, the begginning of the end for these dishonest and untrustworthy practices.

Windows Server 2016 VPS at VultR

I was very surprised to see VultR offering Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016. To my knowledge, it is the only VPS provider to do so. There is an additional monthly fee for the license, but the price is quie tolerable in my opinion. You don’t have to buy the license yourself and … Continue reading Windows Server 2016 VPS at VultR