It has been a while that a piece of stand-up has caught me so off-guard and took me on a real journey. It was funny, so it left me entertained, but it also left me thoughtful and pensive, and at the end deeply moved. Definitely watch it till the end as it has a build-up […]

Sharing links in 2018

In the past it was easy to share interesting, or funny finds on the Internet. First of all, the Internet was this magical place which was called “cyberspace” by the “common folk”. Only people who were really interested in this new medium were able to use it properly, as it was not that easy to […]

There and back again

“What, you changed your blog? Again?!“. That is something I hear very often these days. And they are right, every single one of them. For a while it seemed that I was changing blogging software and blog themes more often than my underwear. But that is all over now, for sure. Maybe… I think… What […]