Apple just released their quarterly results for the first fiscal quarter for 2019 (in the real world, that is Q4 2018). The results were as expected after the warning they issued late last year.

Some interesting tidbits from the telephone conference though. I would put them into the "No shit, Sherlock!" category:

So they are now lowering the prices in some international markets, like China, Brazil and India. Fat chance they will do that in Europe, too. But who knows, they seem desperate.

Atom now with built-in GitHub support. Finally, it was about time! Just installed the new version yesterday. Not that the GitPlus plugin was not good, but it feels better if it is directly integrated into the core product.

After seven years (at least, the oldest email I could find was from 2008) I cancelled my Sipgate account today. My main reason for getting Sipgate in the first place was the “pdf to fax” feature, which got pretty unreliable over the past 2 years or so. Either the fax arrived completely distorted or it did not arrive at all. As I have not used the Sipgate VoIP landline for the last 3 years, the last reason to keep the account is gone now.