Well, some companies have just switched from their on-premise Exchange installation to Office365 and OneDrive. Maybe they should have listened to their engineers about the ongoing problems with Microsoft's cloud offering. I am sure the decision to focus on Azure for SaaS deployments is only because the service quality is top notch, not because some suits met on the golf course and offered a metric shit ton of service credits.

Apple just released their quarterly results for the first fiscal quarter for 2019 (in the real world, that is Q4 2018). The results were as expected after the warning they issued late last year.

Some interesting tidbits from the telephone conference though. I would put them into the "No shit, Sherlock!" category:

So they are now lowering the prices in some international markets, like China, Brazil and India. Fat chance they will do that in Europe, too. But who knows, they seem desperate.


It has been a while that a piece of stand-up has caught me so off-guard and took me on a real journey. It was funny, so it left me entertained, but it also left me thoughtful and pensive, and at the end deeply moved. Definitely watch it till the end as it has a build-up and a twist.