After the fuck-up fairy visited the Apple Notes team, I found myself without a usable notes application. Why they were so braindead to choose such an abominably small default font, and didn’t include a preference to set font size application-wide is incomprehensible to me. But that is a rant for another post!

Anyway, as I am now without a decent notes application, I decided to give Evernote another try. They changed their pricing model recently, so one of my cons vanished in thin air. I manually imported all my notes (it was not that many, thank God) and the applications are not a revelation in UI/UX design, but are OK to use. Just as I was getting used to Evernote again, I noticed that Apple Spotlight was not able to find any notes from Evernote. This was weird, as I was almost 100% positive that the last time I used Evernote I really liked the OS X integration and was able to use Spotlight to search my notes. At first I thought it might be a bug or a deliberate change, and was in my mind already exporting my notes and looking for another application, when I found this topic on the Evernote forums.

As mentioned in the forums, I removed the Evernote application that I downloaded from the Mac App Store and installed the version Evernote provides on their web site. Problem solved. This is the last nail on the coffin of the Mac App Store for me. I will never ever buy or download anything from the Mac App Store again if there are other channels.

Well, the fuck-up fairy seems to have an office in Cupertino nowadays. Apple should better act quickly, and do something while more and more developers are leaving the Mac App Store. If you ask me, better bury that whole thing as soon as possible.