There was not much good news in 2021 or 2022, so the message that Futurama will be rebooted and have another at least one other season over at Hulu, left the Internet in a huge buzz.

The original cast would reprise their roles, with one unfortunate exception: John DiMaggio was initially not on board. It seems that after some lengthy renegotiations, he has now joined the rest of the cast.

I am very happy about that. Futurama is one of my most favorite shows. I think to celebrate its return, I need to finally get this Bender model.

Futurama influenced Internet and pop culture in such a tremendous way, that it left a little bit of a void when it went off the air (even though it had one of the best series endings ever).

“Wanna go around again?” — “I do!”

Right in the feels 🥲