The current state of Twitter saddens me very much 💔.

Not because it was an important news source for me, no. Without Twitter I would have never met one of the most important people in my life. And I am so grateful to have found her.

She is such improvement to my small little world. Enriches it with new flavors and new ideas. Challenges my long-held viewpoints, makes me think about the world and the universe ❤️.

I think I need to remove my pinned tweet from my Twitter profile. Even though I still believe that happiness is nothing that can be achieved all the time, non-stop, 24x7. I also know that besides being busy, tormented, interested and challenged, there is happiness. She makes me happy!

I love and cherish her. Late at night, lost in deep conversations, ensnared by those beautiful eyes, only disrupted by enticing kisses or her delightful laugh. I could do that for an eternity – or even longer.

Indeed, I could do that.