When Apple unveiled their new Apple Studio and Apple Studio Display on March 8, everyone was eager to get the hardware into their hands.

  • Would they be able to dupe the competition again with their superior hardware design? Or would it “just” be more of the same?
  • Will we see another insane performance increase?
  • Will the hefty price tag of the new hardware be justified?

It seems that the media embargo is up and the first tests are out. My take so far:

  • Apple Studio 👍
  • Apple Studio Display 👎

I think the display is way overpriced, especially when you think about the fact that you need to spend an additional 460 € for an tilt- and height-adjustable (i.e. ergonomic) stand. This is a “must” in my opinion and I cannot comprehend why the fuck Apple does not include this stand as a default. But that would be sane, and it would rob them of their juicy revenue, I guess.

But I wish I had a real use case for the Apple Studio. Even though I find the hardware design somewhat repulsive, it packs so much of a punch, I would love to have it for the “techporn” factor alone.

Here are the reviews I watched, make up your own mind 😁:

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