When Apple first announced this year’s new phones, I immediately wanted to go for the iPhone X. I was instantly sold on the idea of having an almost bezel-free OLED display, combined with the latest technology and one of the best chipsets on the market. And wireless charging? Please sign me up!

This morning though, I ordered an iPhone 8 Plus with 64 GB of memory.

After the initial excitement of the event was gone, and the usual euphoric hype on all media and social channels had faded, I started having doubts about my first assessment. People were talking about the weird placement of the notch, about the security of Face ID and the gorgeous, but very new OLED display. In addition, I found that not only the prices for iPhones in Europe had sky-rocketed, but also the price for Apple Care+ had been steeply increased — even more so in Europe and Germany.

All these factors, combined with this excellent tech comparison changed my mind. The iPhone 8 fulfils all my needs and is a huge improvement over my battered, but sturdy, iPhone 5s.

It is the conservative choice. Let the early adopters battle with the UX changes, the new hardware, and the new authentication system. Instead of getting the “Point Zero Release”, I will wait for the next one. The one where all kinks have been worked out.