In the last couple of weeks I am more and more annoyed by people on Social Media who try to shove their agendas and world views down your throat — no matter from which direction they come, or how stupid they are. There is always a more distinct cause, always another specialized sub-group of a group.

Everyone only seems to be eager to divide folks into more and more specialized categories and subcategories. People are constantly jumping down other people's throats just because they disagree, or forbid God, ask questions to try to form their own opinion. The oh-so righteous will always try to find a fly in the soup, never is it enough.

That mood is only aggravated by the COVID-19 epidemic and its useless, constant news coverage of it. I cannot bear to listen to it any longer. People, by and large, are inconsiderate bastards with bastard coating and a bastard center. I do no need to be constantly reminded of that.

I am just fed up with all this bullshit. Starting July 2, I will start my News & Social Media Diet. No more Twitter, no more Instagram, no other news sites. The only exception will be industry and tech related news — and even that will be cut back. Only 15 minutes a day for the "Tagesschau" and another 15 minutes for the most important local news.

I tried this several times in the past, and it never worked for more than a couple of weeks. It is funny how addictive this constant stream of information has become. I hope I can keep this up at least for this quarter.