The installation of the app on the FireTV 4k was smoothless as always – even though the apps always feel a bit cheap, compared to the Apple TV apps, for example. The login was not very convenient, but it worked non-the-less. But as soon as I was logged in and selected the live game, I was greeted with a pixelated mess that looked like it came straight from the 80s.

Streaming is nothing new, it always starts a bit fuzzy and then quality increases, right?! I was sure it would catch up soon and I would see a crystal clear 1080p image. Well, not a snowball’s chance in hell. I waited for 10 minutes, but the quality would not increase. I cleared the cache, I restarted the app, rebooted the whole stick – nothing helped. The VOD were sharp and clear, only the quality of the live games would remain abysmal, no matter what I tried.

The solution came from the German Amazon customer forums. It seems that this is a bug of the application that has been a problem for quite a while – probably years, from the looks of it. Once the live stream is running, you need to rewind for a couple of seconds, then jump forward to get the live signal again. Voilà, a crisp and clear 1080p video stream, almost instantly. The NFL is a multi billion dollar franchise. They should be able to deliver top notch quality when it comes to their streams and apps – especially for the price of that subscription. So get your shit together, NFL!