Every Sunday I try to do something against my self-identified knowledge gaps and learn either something new, or make an attempt to get a deeper understanding of a certain topic.

This week (like last week) it is Python. I want to be more fluent in it, learn some more advanced topics like OOP and Django, as well as understanding some of the basics I seem to have missed so far. I came across Udemy a couple of week back and was able to get a lot of courses in a sale. I can only recommend the ‘Complete Python Bootcamp’ course – especially when you already have some Python knowledge.

We will see what it is next Sunday. I doubt that I will run out of things to improve. I need to re-visit some old projects, have ideas for some new ones as well. I also have to explore ‘Safari Books Online’ some more, as their library is so huge that you freeze in awe when you log in for the first time.

“No rest for the wicked!”