Apple recently changed their prices for the Apple iCloud storage. 5 GB are free, as usual. For just 0,99 EUR per month you can upgrade to 20 GB.

The initial free tier with 5 GB is not much when you have to back up two iPhones, some data from your Macs and an iPad. I thought long and hard if I really want to continue to backup my devices to the cloud, or I if I want to build the infrastructure at home and on my own systems to create local backups and securely sync them to my own servers. I decided to go with the online cloud backup for now, but also to start to build my own solution, on my own infrastructure.

Apple makes it really easy to upgrade, and the price is really cheap. I think they want to get as many people as possible to upgrade from the free tier to the next higher (20 GB) tier. If you multiply a Dollar with millions of customers, even this really low price can be profitable I guess.