From the first minute the movie feels very “constructed” and very “artificial” to me. As if they discovered the comic book story and then decided they want to build a movie around it – no matter how and if the elements fit together and in total disregard of the continuity they just created with the last movies.

They went to great lengths, in “First Class” and “Days of Future Past”, to build an at least somewhat believable storyline, and to create a shred of continuity for the X-Men cinematic universe. Just to demolish all that with this movie.

The film has a great cast, but the actors seem to read their uninspired and very descriptive text from a teleprompter. Overall, they deliver very stiff and “wooden” performances. Even a good cast cannot save horrible direction and writing.

It’s a shame the X-Men series had such a rapid decline in quality. Unfortunately it is not even worth the 3,99 € rental price. 👎

Let’s wait and see what Disney does with the TV and cinema reboot, that will undoubtably come in the next couple of years.