Had to mute a couple of people for some time over at Mastodon. I cannot stand this constant bashing of developers and small companies anymore, just because they try to be a viable business.

Not everything needs to be commercialized, I am all for certain services to be free or low cost, and some need to be treated as a “common good”, like energy, water and train services. But this constant bashing of people that have spent hours, days, months and years building a software and a livelihood around it, and that you are using for no fucking fee at all, has to stop.

If it wasn’t for their efforts, you would not have this particular software in the first place. They often spend all their energy on building the software, creating a service, and very likely providing that service with a free tier, so that you freeloader can use it.

Everyone needs to have some form of future- and tax-proof income. Why make it so fucking hard on them? They are trying to found a company to enable themselves to continue to work on that software full-time, and maybe to realize an idea, a vision – or in some cases even a life-long dream.

If you do not like their decisions, go ahead, fork and change the software and run it on your own. Shut the fuck up and put your money where your mouth is.