Lootbox madness

A couple of days ago the Washington Post wrote an article about EA’s Battlefront 2. It was the first time I read something this thorough and detailed about a game and its mechanics in a general media publication — and not in a gaming blog or podcast. After some countries

Finished Mafia 3

Finally finished Mafia 3. Despite all it’s problems and bugs – even on the PS4 – I really liked the story and the voice actors. I will probably buy the DLC’s in a sale though. If you can get the game and it’s DLC packs later for around 20 EUR, I recommend buying it. Might write a detailed review later this month.

The big games rip-off

I am talking a lot with my US colleagues and friends about games. We are also talking a lot about game prices, special deals and upcoming sales. Every time that topic comes up, it astonishes me how much we pay for games in Germany. I don’t know why, but