Apple/Qualcomm estimated settlement

That would be a lot of money, given the vast numbers of iPhones and LTE iPads sold every year. I wonder when they will start building that part themselves too. They are producing their own SOC anyway, and it would be a step further into full independence.

Tom “The Tech Chap” shows off his top 5 of thin & light Laptops with Intel 8th Gen Quad-Core processor.

iMac on the Fritz

After six and a half years of heavy use, my main computer, a mid-2011 27″ iMac, is on the Fritz.It is currently unclear if it is the graphics card itself, some related hardware, or just a worn cable. Maybe I am gonna be surprised and it is something completely...

Apple MacBook Refresh 2017

Summary and comparison of all new models and options. I am a bit disappointed by Apple. Now everything is on Kay Lake, the ultra-portable MacBook now supports up to 16 GB of RAM. But a 32 GB option for the MacBook Pro’s is nowhere in sight. I still hope it will be a “silent update” in the fall.