Why do you need Gigabit Internet?

Whenever I say that I would love to have Gigabit Internet, or at least 500 Mbit up- and downstream, people tend to ask me "What in the world would you do with such a high bandwidth?!" Let me play you the song of my people...I have around 20 TB...

How sex censorship killed the internet we love

The prude Americans did it! They successfully removed all the "smudge" from the Internet! 🎉 Of course, they didn't really clean it up and got rid of all the "filth". They just swept it under the rug. Couldn't have any side-effects, could it?

Stories with the word "porn" in them are important because they're about censorship, sexual health, business trends, sex work, politics, gender and women. They're about people.

Oh well.. 🤷🏻‍♂️