We in the IT industry in general, and me in particular, very much like to complain. A lot. The recent iPhone release, and the expected price increase, helped me quite a bit to deflate my head and return a bit closer to Earth.

I am in a remarkably privileged situation. I am very lucky, very fortunate, to be able to think about spending many people’s monthly net salary on a phone, a technical gadget, without restricting myself, or limiting other expenses in any way.

I am not a fan of any religion, so “Thank God” is out of the question. But I am thankful, very much so indeed.

Self-improving Sundays

Every Sunday I try to do something against my self-identified knowledge gaps and learn either something new, or make an attempt to get a deeper understanding of a certain topic.

This week (like last week) it is Python. I want to be more fluent in it, learn some more advanced topics like OOP and Django, as well as understanding some of the basics I seem to have missed so far. I came across Udemy a couple of week back and was able to get a lot of courses in a sale1. I can only recommend the ‘Complete Python Bootcamp’ course – especially when you already have some Python knowledge.

We will see what it is next Sunday. I doubt that I will run out of things to improve. I need to re-visit some old projects, have ideas for some new ones as well. I also have to explore ‘Safari Books Online’ some more, as their library is so huge that you freeze in awe when you log in for the first time.

“No rest for the wicked!”

  1. Courses for only $10 to $13 instead of the regular price. If you are interested, keep an eye out and maybe register for their newsletter. 

Expiring tweets

John O’Nolan wrote an interesting article about how care-free the early use of Twitter was and how much it became kind of a burden in recent days.

As Twitter grew, it changed from a public place where ad-hoc discussions around subjects happened, to a public place which represents your professional identity.

We can’t just be ourselves on Twitter any more, mostly because there are lynch mobs around every corner waiting to hold us accountable. But only portraying a “professional subset” of your personality kills off the entire magic of what Twitter used to be.

I am very much agreeing with his assessment. Not that I will start using Snapchat now, but I decided to give my tweets an expiration date. From now on every tweet or re-tweet I make expires after 24 hours and is deleted from my timeline.


Ziellos, Planlos, Rastlos, Zeitlos, Antriebslos, Ruhelos.

Es zieht mich in die Ferne und doch möchte ich nirgendwo anders sein als hier. Ich habe viel Freizeit und doch weiss ich nicht wie ich sie verbringen soll. Es gibt so viele Dinge zu tun und doch finde ich nicht die Muße sie zu tun.

Zum ersten Mal in meinem Leben fehlt mir der Antrieb, es fehlt mir ein Ziel. Vielleicht hat es mit meinem derzeitigen Job zu tun, vielleicht ist es auch nur eine Phase die so schnell vorbei geht wie sie gekommen ist. Um ehrlich zu sein weiss ich es nicht… leider. Ich weiss nur das irgendwas passieren muss!