A year offline

Paul Miller, talking about his year offline and what he experienced when he “reconnected” with the Internet and Social Media.

Expiring tweets

John O’Nolan wrote an interesting article about how care-free the early use of Twitter was and how much it became kind of a burden in recent days.

As Twitter grew, it changed from a public place where ad-hoc discussions around subjects happened, to a public place which represents your professional identity.

We can’t just be ourselves on Twitter any more, mostly because there are lynch mobs around every corner waiting to hold us accountable. But only portraying a “professional subset” of your personality kills off the entire magic of what Twitter used to be.

I am very much agreeing with his assessment. Not that I will start using Snapchat now, but I decided to give my tweets an expiration date. From now on every tweet or re-tweet I make expires after 24 hours and is deleted from my timeline.


A little experiment. Twitter gets worse and worse. Not only the technical aspects of this platform seems to be in free fall right now, also it seems to to me as if Twitter is more and more visited by the ‘mob with torches’.

What I mean with that is, that an increasing number of spam bots and negative, criticising ‘know-it-alls’ are populating Twitter at the moment. At times it is unbearable. People criticising and raging just for the sake of venting their ‘anger’ — which is in 99 % of all occurrences completely artificial and not a real expression of outrage at all. Real content, like news, interesting information, little stories or jokes became a minority on this platform. Instead I get rages about a shows they do not have to watch, or the reasons why this special product — they do not use — sucks donkey balls. They rage fast, they rage a lot and complain about anything.

So I asked myself one question: For what do I use Twitter nowadays?

I use it mostly for getting news about e-sports and to follow a handful people that I personally know or that provide useful information on topics I am interested in. The rest is annoyance. So I will temporarily shut down my Twitter account to see if I can get the little information it provides from other sources. Let’s see how that works out over the next couple of weeks.