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  • Fediverse Link Bot

    August 27, 2018

    In the past it was easy to share interesting, or funny finds on the Internet. First of all, the Internet was this magical place which was called “cyberspace” by the “common folk”. Only people who were really interested in this new medium were able to use it properly, as it…

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  • Paul Miller, talking about his year offline and what he experienced when he “reconnected” with the Internet and Social Media.

    → October 16, 2017 11:22 PM

  • Expiring tweets

    March 13, 2016

    John O’Nolan wrote an interesting article about how care-free the early use of Twitter was and how much it became kind of a burden in recent days.As Twitter grew, it changed from a public place where ad-hoc discussions around subjects happened, to a public place which represents your…

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  • Antisocial

    May 2, 2013

    A little experiment. Twitter gets worse and worse. Not only the technical aspects of this platform seems to be in free fall right now, also it seems to to me as if Twitter is more and more visited by the ‘mob with torches’.What I mean with that is, that…

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