Expiring tweets

John O’Nolan wrote an interesting article about how care-free the early use of Twitter was and how much it became kind of a burden in recent days.As Twitter grew, it changed from a public place where ad-hoc discussions around subjects happened, to a public place which represents your

We love surveillance

The English version[1](https://jason.re/we-love-surveillance/#easy-footnote-bottom-1-47 "Original German version available on YouTube") of Alexander Lehmann’s short film ‘We love surveillance’ has premiered on the 31C3. Seven reasons why we love surveillance, and why you should also love it! Download:31C3 Media Servers

31C3 Talks

Every year between Christmas and New Year the CCC is organizing the biggest hacker conference in Europe1. This year is no exception, and so again the CCH in Hamburg2 attracted a huge creative and technical savvy crowd.These are my favourite talks this year and I recommend watching them:Attacks