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Trying something new. I realized that I have not blogged in quite a while. like, a real long, elaborated blog post. I guess there is not much happening at the moment that would justify that. Maybe for the new homelab project.

In the meantime, I will blog more here. It wont be as elaborate, not as well versed. Quite the contrary, rough thoughts, ideas and commented links.

At least until I have finished writing my own blog backend. I am not a software developer by heart, so it will take a while. It is going a bit slow, but I think it is worth it.


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I am trying something new. Again. I am not really happy with the blogging platforms out there. I went with Wordpress for a while, but its transition from a “blogging platform” into a general “web site platform” is almost completed. Too complex, too bloated for my little needs. It is not what I am looking for, nor what I need.

I also tried Ghost for a while, but I really do not like the new editor and the underlying Mobiledoc format. I still like the project, and version 3.0 is really nice. But also not what I am looking for.

I need something to write blog posts, short micro posts and post links with some comments or additional info. I want to write my content in Markdown and I want to have my posts in Markdown files to be able to migrate them into whatever I want. I also need control over how posts are displayed in the RSS feed.

Right now, I am trying Hugo with NetlifyCMS. Not sure if I stick with it. It is near to what I want, but not 100%. I might use Django and create a small blog myself.

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“What, you changed your blog? Again?! “. That is something I hear very often these days. And they are right, every single one of them. For a while it seemed that I was changing blogging software and blog themes more often than my underwear. But that is all over now, for sure. Maybe… I think…