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I am very sorry I have to say it, but in the majority of the shots, I think the “new and improved version” looks like shit. Only a few I would really call an improvement. I guess I have to see the final in-game graphics to decide.

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Back in January, Facebook and Google got caught being very cozy with each other. They both looked very shady, and it seemed to be good ammunition for the antitrust lawsuit they are currently facing.

They found out now that Google wrote a software called “Bernanke” to gain a major advantage over the competition. No one in their sane mind could think that there is not an antitrust problem here. Being a buyer and a seller, at the same time, in the same system, reeks of corruption and illegal activities.

Facebook and Google need to be properly regulated, and with a hard hand, in my opinion. They were unregulated for far too long. It is time to get back some of that competition that they stomped out on their way to success.

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When I received the new company Apple Silicon MacBook Pro, I started to use Microsoft Edge for work instead of my old default: Google Chrome. I thought it would be a good idea, as we are making heavy use Office365 Enterprise, but I did not want to miss the features and compatibility the the Chromium engine offers.

So far the transition has been very smooth, but one thing drives me crazy. Whenever you copy and paste a link from Edge, it tries to be smart and adds a link with the title of the page as link text – instead of the plaintext URL.

So fucking annoying! Thank god you can change the default behavior.

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Shit, I am feeling really old today. macOS was released 20 years ago. Of course, it was called “Mac OS X” back then 😄.

I never worked with MacOS 9 myself, but I rembember driving to Düsseldorf to get one of the first copies of MacOS X Tiger in 2005. Back then I had a PowerPC Mac Mini. I remember feeling excited. After years of using a Linux desktop system, it was great to finally have a well-designed graphical user interface, but at the same, don't miss out on the powerful UNIX tools.

Nowadays Windows has caught up a lot with “Windows Subsystem for Linux(WSL)” and their increased support for Open Source software and services. But Apple has a revival of their with their new ARM hardware — even though macOS Big Sur is not so great 😞.

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Fort Nowhere finally released their version of Bob Dylan's iconic song “The Times They are A-Changing” that was used in the season three trailer of “The Crown”. I immediately fell in love with the song and now I can finally listen to it all-day on repeat 😁.

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I am trying something new. Again. I am not really happy with the blogging platforms out there. I went with Wordpress for a while, but its transition from a “blogging platform” into a general “web site platform” is almost completed. Too complex, too bloated for my little needs. It is not what I am looking for, nor what I need.

I also tried Ghost for a while, but I really do not like the new editor and the underlying Mobiledoc format. I still like the project, and version 3.0 is really nice. But also not what I am looking for.

I need something to write blog posts, short micro posts and post links with some comments or additional info. I want to write my content in Markdown and I want to have my posts in Markdown files to be able to migrate them into whatever I want. I also need control over how posts are displayed in the RSS feed.

Right now, I am trying Hugo with NetlifyCMS. Not sure if I stick with it. It is near to what I want, but not 100%. I might use Django and create a small blog myself.

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When I saw “Gibbous – A Cthulhu Adventure”, I immediately liked the premise of the story, and the fact that it was a 90's-style Adventure Game! A leopard cannot change its spots, and I am a sucker for these type of games. In addition, it is a small, independent studio from Transylvania, that used a Kickstarter campaign to finance their very first own game? “Shut up and take my money!”

The puzzles are easy when you have an “Adventure Game” background – with a couple of exceptions of the rule. Especially to the end of the game, at the end of chapter six, there are some pretty hard, almost unfair puzzles. All in all I would say it is a nice balance, especially for newcomers to the genre.

I loved every minute of this game, every reference and every little hint. Up until I reached the ending. I will not spoil anything here, but the ending left me deeply unsatisfied and confused. It also leaves the door open for a sequel. I really hope they make enough money of this game to go back, and maybe change the ending a little bit. Explain a little more and do not rely on the player of turning every stone, looking at every item and reading every in-game book.

Besides all its shortcomings, it is an impressive debut of a small, independent, three person gaming studio. If you take your time, it takes between 10 and 15 hours to play through the game. It is out now for Windows, Linux and Mac. Available on GOG and Steam.

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I have not used dynamic DNS in a very, very long time. I think the last time was back at the end of the 90's or the beginning 00's. Most (if not all) of the services I used at the time do not exist anymore.


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My Intel NUC home lab is finally fan-less. In the summer months, with air temperatures of 30˚ to 40˚C, the small fans were spinning almost all day. Especially with the older models. Nevermore!

I finally decided to get Akasa cases for the NUC. As they are sitting on one of my desks, I decided to go with the Plato line. The X7D for the NUC7i5BNH, the X7 for the NUC7i7DNHE and the X8 for the NUC8i7BEH.

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Now that GitHub is owned by Microsoft, free accounts can have unlimited private repositories. Before the acquisition, this feature was only available to “Pro” accounts. That, and the fact that I like to support companies which products I use, was the main factor for me to have a paid account.