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I am very sorry I have to say it, but in the majority of the shots, I think the “new and improved version” looks like shit. Only a few I would really call an improvement. I guess I have to see the final in-game graphics to decide.

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When I saw “Gibbous – A Cthulhu Adventure”, I immediately liked the premise of the story, and the fact that it was a 90's-style Adventure Game! A leopard cannot change its spots, and I am a sucker for these type of games. In addition, it is a small, independent studio from Transylvania, that used a Kickstarter campaign to finance their very first own game? “Shut up and take my money!”

The puzzles are easy when you have an “Adventure Game” background – with a couple of exceptions of the rule. Especially to the end of the game, at the end of chapter six, there are some pretty hard, almost unfair puzzles. All in all I would say it is a nice balance, especially for newcomers to the genre.

I loved every minute of this game, every reference and every little hint. Up until I reached the ending. I will not spoil anything here, but the ending left me deeply unsatisfied and confused. It also leaves the door open for a sequel. I really hope they make enough money of this game to go back, and maybe change the ending a little bit. Explain a little more and do not rely on the player of turning every stone, looking at every item and reading every in-game book.

Besides all its shortcomings, it is an impressive debut of a small, independent, three person gaming studio. If you take your time, it takes between 10 and 15 hours to play through the game. It is out now for Windows, Linux and Mac. Available on GOG and Steam.

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Interessant. Apple gibt angeblich “hundreds of millions of dollars” aus um ca. 100 Spiele in ihre “Apple Arcade” Subscription zu bekommen. Insgesamt sollen es über $500 Mio. sein. Die Titel sollen allerdings nicht allzu lange exklusiv an Apples Dienst gebunden sein. Eine Renaissance des Mobile Gaming, fernab von “Schlumpfbeeren” und Microtransactions? Ein großes Sprungbrett für Indie-Spieleentwickler?

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A couple of days ago the Washington Post wrote an article about EA’s Battlefront 2. It was the first time I read something this thorough and detailed about a game and its mechanics in a general media publication — and not in a gaming blog or podcast.

After some countries in Europe already started investigating several games for loot boxes and gambling, it seems that Hawaii will be the first state to do so in the US. I hope, that many other states will join them and that this lootbox madness will be phased out of the games rather quickly now.

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I am talking a lot with my US colleagues and friends about games. We are also talking a lot about game prices, special deals and upcoming sales. Every time that topic comes up, it astonishes me how much we pay for games in Germany. I don’t know why, but game prices do not budge at all, no special deals and no sales. Even though in the US special deals are very common and game sales are quite often. Some examples.


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For the first time in 16 years a foreigner has made it to the quarter finals of a Korean StarCraft 2 tournament. That alone would have been impressive enough, but Neeb did not only do that. No, he also won the fucking thing!

If you are interesting in ESports in general and StarCraft 2 in particular, take look at the VODs on Youtube. I would recommend watching at least the semifinals and the finals (finals embedded below).

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My World of Warcraft account is now “frozen”. Been there, done that:Goodbye Azeroth!

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