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Back in January, Facebook and Google got caught being very cozy with each other. They both looked very shady, and it seemed to be good ammunition for the antitrust lawsuit they are currently facing.

They found out now that Google wrote a software called “Bernanke” to gain a major advantage over the competition. No one in their sane mind could think that there is not an antitrust problem here. Being a buyer and a seller, at the same time, in the same system, reeks of corruption and illegal activities.

Facebook and Google need to be properly regulated, and with a hard hand, in my opinion. They were unregulated for far too long. It is time to get back some of that competition that they stomped out on their way to success.

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Interesting how people turn to “heroes” in times like these. It is no coincidence that superhero movies and tv shows are en-vogue, people need symbols that inspire them. But sadly, there are not many “leaders” left that exude confidence or hope or even competence — no matter the field in society: thought leaders, political leaders, good examples or otherwise.

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Google is not only constantly improving the field of Data Center Technology, it also does more for Green IT than any other company in the industry. Facebook is a close second when it comes to data centers, but still a bit behind. I have compiled a link collection on the topic.


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Google hat heute verkündet das sie Google Wave einstampfen. Das hätte ich nicht gedacht. Das war doch ihr Prestige-Projekt. Angeblich wäre es von den Benutzern ‘nicht angenommen’ worden. Das kann ich mir aber nicht so ganz vorstellen. Die Möglichkeiten die Google Wave geboten haben waren revolutionär und wegweisend. Wenn User abgesprungen sind, dann wegen der mit Fehlern übersäten Beta GUI, an der sich wochen-, wenn nicht sogar monatelang nichts getan hat.

Schade, ich hätte gerne einen produktiven Dienst gesehen. Als Collaboration-Plattform unschlagbar. Gerade innerhalb von Firmen und kleinen Gruppen. Das Gute ist allerdings, das Google die Quellen unter Open Source Lizenz freigeben wollen. Die Arbeit war also nicht umsonst… wenigstens etwas!

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